Message from Red Sox President & CEO Sam Kennedy

Since its inception in 1967, the BoSox Club has worked side by side with the Boston Red Sox to become the largest and most active fan club in Major League Baseball. As the official booster club of the Red Sox, the BoSox Club offers a unique opportunity for Red Sox fans to combine their passion for baseball with their support for the community. The enthusiasm of the BoSox Club’s loyal members epitomizes the spirit of our fanbase. Red Sox Nation is fortunate to be led by such impassioned voices.

 For years, the BoSox Club has been devoted to upholding the intimate connection between Red Sox fans and New England communities. The Red Sox are especially proud of the BoSox Club’s commitment to the Red Sox Foundation, the Jimmy Fund, and New England amateur baseball organizations. As the BoSox Club continues their generous donations and efforts, we look forward to the future of our partnership which has engaged generations of Red Sox fans for more than 55 years.


Sam Kennedy
President & CEO
Boston Red Sox