Donahue / Jernegan Award

In recognition of his consistent and exceptional devotion to the BoSox Club, for his innumerable and immeasurable contributions to the BoSox Club as past president, as a director for decades and as a member of the Club since 1967, the Jernegan Award is now known as the Bruce Donahue/Brad Jernegan Award.

A man of true grit and relentless integrity who always seeks to do the right thing and not the easy thing.  A man who stepped forward a decade ago when the BoSox Club needed a reconciler and a leader to move the Club forward to a brighter day.  An American patriot, he served eight years in the U.S. Navy.  Bruce Donahue is a one-of-a-kind man for all Red Sox seasons; a goodwill ambassador for all things BoSox, and a Red Sox Baseball Hall of Fame inductee voter.  He is not a man content with hitting dribblers through the infield.  This is the clutch hitter you want at bat, swinging for the fences when it means the most for the BoSox Club.

Bruce’s notable exploits on behalf of the BoSox Club include:

  • The 2012 Ted Williams stamp was the result of Bruce’s multi-year effort coordinating between the Boston Red Sox, the United States Postal Service and the Williams’ family.
  • Memorabilia gate-keeper – Bruce’s purchasing, collecting signatures and inventorying items such as baseballs, bats, and hats to be used at club raffles, have raised tens of thousands of dollars.
  • Bruce’s management of the annual spring training tickets is a multifold, time consuming task that he has handled on behalf of the Club for many years.
  • Bruce’s instrumental role and his liaison relationship with Red Sox management has contributed mightily in organizing special guests and players at BoSox Club luncheons.
  • Bruce took the early lead in organizing the military service members to be honored at BoSox Club luncheons, and initiated the relationship with sponsors to cover the cost of military personnel to attend the lunches.
  • As goodwill ambassador for the BoSox Club, Bruce acted for decades as liaison with the Cape Cod League, the Pawtucket Red Sox, the Jimmy Fund and Red Sox management, helped establish the BoSox Club plaque at Fenway Park, and chaired the St. Anslem’s Scholarship Committee on behalf of the DiMaggio family and the BoSox Club.

Bruce’s character and personality always enlighten his fellow BoSox Club directors and members with the expression, “There’s always another spring coming along, another summer afternoon and evening at Fenway, and another time at bat that gives another change for the big hit.”

The Award was originally named in honor of the late Brad Jernegan, a charter member and President of the BoSox Club in 1969 and 1970. His dedication and tireless efforts on behalf of the BoSox Club remain an inspiration to all that follow. His enthusiasm during the founding of the club and his leadership during the formative years were indispensable to the ultimate success of the Club.

The Award, presented by a vote of the Board of Directors, recognizes special and continuing contributions to the BoSox Club. The Award is presented at the Annual Meeting of the BoSox Club in the years in which the Board of Directors believes there is a fitting and deserving candidate.

Winners of the Bruce Donahue/Brad Jernegan Award:

2019 – Roseanne Alvino
2018 – Bob Roussel
2017 – Pam Kenn
2016 – Larry Lucchino
2015 – Paul Shorthose
2014 – Dan Roche
2013 – Steve Dukeman
2012 – Dr. Joel Leonard
2011 – Cynthia Geoff
2010 – Johnny Pesky
2009 – Bruce Donahue
2008 – Ed Keohane
2007 – Dominic DiMaggio
2006 – Dick Flavin
2005 – Craig MacNaught
2004 – Frank Fiorentino
2003 – Ben Mondor
2002 – No Award Given
2001 – Bill Brooks
2000 – Jean Brooks
1999 – Tim Dugal & Lib Dooley
1998 – Lee Cummings
1997 – Audrey Prihoda
1996 – John Harrington
1995 – Tom Feenan, Jr.
1994 – James ‘Lou’ Gorman
1993 – Frank Geishecker
1992 – George Berardi
1991 – Bob Stanley
1990 – Mike Ryan
1989 – Dick Bresciani
1988 – Dr. Jerry Jernegan
1987 – Tom Feenan, Sr.
1986 – Ted Lepcio
1985 – Clarence March
1984 – Bob Cheyne
1983 – Buddy LeRoux & Haywood Sullivan   
1982 – No Award Given
1981 – No Award Given
1980 – Dan Campbell
1979 – Harry Carlson
1978 – No Award Given
1977 – No Award Given
1976 – Dick Casey
1975 – No Award Given
1974 – No Award Given
1973 – Bill Crowley
1972 – Ken Coleman