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2023 Schedule

2023 BoSox Club Luncheon Schedule Announced! 

The BoSox Club will be holding our first luncheon on:

Wednesday April 19, 2023 at the Dedham Hilton 

Order tickets now on the Luncheon Schedule page here

The rest of the luncheon dates are:

Tuesday, May 16
Wednesday, June 14
Tuesday, July 25

Wednesday, August 9 – Family Day at Fenway Park

Wednesday, September 13
Thursday, November 9

More information to follow!

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Luncheon Prices

Due to rising costs the BoSox Club will be raising prices on our luncheons for the 2023 season. 

This is the first increase in over 5 years.  

Member price:  $ 45.00   (plus $ 4 Paypal service charge = $ 49)

Guest price:     $ 48.00   (plus $ 4 Paypal service charge = $ 52)

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In Memoriam

Dick Flavin, long-time member and great friend of the BoSox Club, passed away this morning. Dick entertained our members for many years with his poems and performances full of fun and humor. He made us laugh and smile, and enjoy the warmth of memories. He was the best storyteller. He told stories about baseball, sharing anecdotes and his wry bemusement at human foibles.

His Musings by Dick Flavin has been such an enjoyable part of our luncheons for many years.

As Poet Laureate, Senior Ambassador of the Boston Red Sox, and Voice of Fenway Park, Dick served as public address announcer for Red Sox day games. A member of the Massachusetts Broadcasters Hall of Fame, his television commentaries won seven New England Emmy Awards.

He will be greatly missed.


Photos by Cindy Loo, Boston Red Sox

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Renew Your Membership and Give a Your Favorite Fan the Gift of Membership for 2023!

Renew your membership for 2023 now!  Click to renew online. 

Give a gift of membership to other fans!  

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Boston Athletic Academy - Manny Delcarmen, Co-Founder

Our September luncheon was both exciting and entertaining!  One of the best moments came when Manny Delcarmen spoke about the Boston Athletic Academy, of which he is a Co-founder and Vice President.  The BoSox Club is honored to be able to share some information with you about this great program.

The mission of BAA is to educate and train underprivileged student-athletes in an environment that recognizes their culture, language, customs, and most importantly their growth potential as individuals. BAA provides assistance to student athletes to enable them to thrive in and out the classroom. They aim to build strong ties with local communities and plan to partner with local schools, businesses, and organizations to assist us in guiding our student-athletes.

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Musings by Dick Flavin ~ My Two Front Teeth!

Musings by Dick Flavin ~ From the archives, a Christmas story behind the story, from Boston Red Sox Poet Laureate, N.Y.Times Best Selling Author and a cherished friend of the BoSox Club, (originally published on December 26, 2017)

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BoSox Club Supports Summer Baseball and Softball!

After a two-year covid related hiatus, the BoSox Club was proud this past summer to restart our Campership Program.  Working with the Red Sox Foundation (RSF) the BoSox Club sponsored boys and girls to baseball and softball camps. The campers were chosen by coaches from RBI leagues supported by the RSF.  RBI stands for Reviving Baseball and Softball in Inner-Cities and the RSF serves kids in Boston and Lawrence.

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BoSox Club on Social Media!

Check out the BoSox Club on social media! 

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Musings by Dick Flavin

Musings by Dick Flavin, Poet Laureate of the Boston Red Sox, on January 12, 2017 ...

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Musings by Dick Flavin

Musings by Dick Flavin, Poet Laureate of the Boston Red Sox, on February 20, 2017 ...

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Musings by Dick Flavin

Musings by Dick Flavin, Poet Laureate of the Boston Red Sox, on March 14, 2017 ...

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Musings by Dick Flavin

Musings by Dick Flavin, Poet Laureate of the Boston Red Sox, on March 23, 2017 ...

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Musings by Dick Flavin

Musings by Dick Flavin, Poet Laureate of the Boston Red Sox, on April 27, 2017 ...

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BoSox Club Donates to the Red Sox Foundation from Fundraising Raffles!

The BoSox Club donates to the Red Sox Foundation and has been honored for our annual contributions to the community.  Mike Vining and Jim Parker are shown presenting a check in a prior year at Fenway.


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Musings by Dick Flavin: I Miss a Good Flight

Musings by Dick Flavin, Poet Laureate of the Boston Red Sox and New York Times Best Selling Author, on July 2, 2017 ...

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The BoSox Club would love to hear stories from our members about all aspects of baseball!  Write up your memories and e-mail them to  We will try to post them here on our website.  If you are able, please also e-mail copies of photos!  Please be respectful and make sure the stories are kid-friendly!

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Notes from the BoSox Club Author Speaking Event with Herb Crehan and Bill Nowlin on June 5, 2017

The BoSox Club, the Official Booster Club of the Boston Red Sox since 1967, celebrated the 50th anniversary of the 1967 World Series Season and the 50th anniversary of the BoSox Club at the Amazing Things Arts Center on June 5th with a BoSox Club Author Speaking Event with Herb Crehan and Bill Nowlin.

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Past Presidents - Photo from August 2002!

Tom Feenan (1991-1992), Tim Dugal (1993-1994), Jim Hackett (2001-2002), Lee Cummings (1985-1986), Jerry Jernegan (1983-1984), Dick Vaughn (1995-1996), Craig MacNaught (1997-1998), Frank Geischeker (1989-1990), Ted Lepcio (1971-1972) and Bil Brooks (1999-2000).

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Musings by Dick Flavin: Women In (or out of) Baseball

Musings by Dick Flavin, Poet Laureate of the Boston Red Sox, on May 29, 2017 ...

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Musings by Dick Flavin: The Historic Event That History Forgot

Musings by Dick Flavin, Poet Laureate of the Boston Red Sox and New York Times Best Selling Author, on July 10, 2017 ...

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BoSox Club Author Speaking Event a Success!

The BoSox Club held a special event on March 29 to celebrate the birth of both the BoSox Club and Red Sox Nation with baseball authors Herb Crehan and Bill Nowlin.


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Notes from the BoSox Club Luncheon - April 12, 2017

The BoSox Club held its first luncheon of the 2017 50th Anniversary Season on April 12 at the Dedham Hilton. Guests of honor were Matt Barnes, Joe Castiglione, and Luis Tiant. A sizable crowd was present, and all members and guests were welcomed by new BoSox Club President Mike Vining. Guests of honor were Matt Barnes, Joe Castiglione, and Luis Tiant. Military guests were two members of the United States Air Force – both New England natives – as special guests of the Club.

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Musings by Dick Flavin

Musings by Dick Flavin, Poet Laureate of the Boston Red Sox, on March 6, 2017 ...

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Project One Four - A David Price Foundation

Project One Four is a charitable organization dedicated to making a difference in the lives of youth. Our efforts focus on supporting community programs and organizations that promote growth in youth through learning life skills in a safe supportive environment.  "Every child deserves a chance to play baseball."

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Musings by Dick Flavin - Pennant Fever

Musings by Dick Flavin, Poet Laureate of the Boston Red Sox, Pennant Fever, on January 29, 2017 ...

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Musings by Dick Favin

Musings by Dick Flavin, Poet Laureate of the Boston Red Sox, on January 16, 2017 ...

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Red Sox Legend Tony Conigliaro Would Have Been 72

Had he lived, Red Sox great Tony Conigliaro would have turned seventy-two years old today. The kid from Boston's North Shore was the quickest to 100 home runs in MLB history—then, he was struck down in his prime by a bean-ball. Just a year and a half after the horrible events of August 18, 1967, he came back to hit 20 HRs with 82 RBI in 141 games. He was truly one of us—he will always be one of us. We can only imagine what could have been. Rest in peace, Tony. (

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Rick Porcello wins 2016 American League Cy Young Award!

Rick Porcello has been named the 2016 American League Cy Young Award winner. The 2016 BoSox Club Man of the Year, Rick Porcello led the majors in wins and ranked second in winning percentage. Congratulations to Rick Porcello!

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Notes from the BoSox Club Luncheon - November 11, 2016

The 25th president of the BoSox Club, Steve Hollingsworth, welcomed attendees to the club's annual Hot Stove luncheon.  It represented the final event of his two-year term as president.  He will be succeeded by Mike Vining.  As it happens, the day was also Veteran's Day and Steve asked all the veterans attending the luncheon to stand up and be recognized, to the applause of those assembled.  The three currently-serving military guests of the Club were all from the United States Navy.  They were introduced as well.  Dick Flavin came to the podium and posed as sportswriter Biff Flavin, offering some opening humor to the program.

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Rained-Out PawSox Game Rescheduled!

The BoSox Club's BBQ at the PawSox on August 6th was enjoyed by all who attended. Unfortunately, the game that evening was rained out.  To reschedule, many members are going to be attending the game on Tuesday, August 23rd at 7:05 pm.

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Notes from the BoSox Club luncheon - August 11, 2016

The August 11 luncheon brought together the largest turnout to date this year, and a fine time was had by all!

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Club Membership Benefits

When you think about it, your BoSox Club Membership  might be one of the best deals you have!  For less than $100 a year, here some of the things you get:

*  Exclusive access to Spring Training tickets and Special Events at JetBlue Park.

*  Free official Red Sox Media Guide - the same one used by Don and Jerry.

*  Access to BoSox Club monthly luncheons (Members can bring guests), during the season, with Red Sox and visiting team current and former players and coaches. A unique way to entertain business guests, friends or family members.

*  Family Day at Fenway Park - featuring pre-game Q&A with Sox players, plus hot dog, soda and game ticket.

*  10% discount at the Red Sox Team Fenway Store.

*  Chance to win one-of-a-kind Red Sox memorabilia in BoSox Club Raffles at events and our annual major raffle.The satisfaction of helping the Club support important charities-like the Red Sox Foundation, Jimmy Fund other related charities.

*  Youth summer campership program that provides scholarships to area baseball and softball camps.Unique BoSox Club merchandise to spoil friends, family or even yourself and celebrate your pride of being a BoSox Club member and Red Sox fan.

And, on top of all those benefits, you can be proud to say you are a member of the oldest and largest fan club in all Major League Baseball.

Join NOW  and become a BoSox Club Member - it might be one of the best deals you have!  Visit our membership page for more details!

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BoSox Club Run To Home Base Team 2016!

Thank you to the BoSox Club RTHB Team!  Led by Team Captain Paul Shorthose, we came smiling and beat the heat to run and walk in support of the Home Base Program!  Pictures are attached!  Thank you to all the family, friends and club members who came out to support us. You were seen and heard, and it made a difference!

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Notes from the BoSox Club luncheon on July 20th at Fenway Park!

David Price and Jim Rice. Together at the BoSox Club July 20 luncheon at Fenway! What a day. Red Sox poet laureate and BoSox Club friend Dick Flavin kicked it off with a great ode to the ace Price and added a historical tome on a hitting exhibition involving Ted Williams and the Babe. Then it was NESN guy, Dave O'Brien's turn to question the two guests. Price gave all confidence that he will find his ace self with the Sox. He concluded with a cute story about his canine companion, Astro. Hall of Famer Rice touched on the greatness of the '75 Sox and added some great hitting stories based on his contacts with Ted, Yaz and his own hitting coach Johnny Pesky. Both signed for all! 

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UPDATE on BoSox Club Night at PawSox!

UPDATE!  JOIN US for a BoSox Club Night at the PawSox on Saturday, August 6, 2016! 

This update is to anyone who may be thinking of going to the PawSox Game on Saturday August 6th.  The BoSox Club is pleased to announce some additions to the program.  #1 Dan Rea, the GM of the PawSox, has agreed to discuss the developments of the stadium issue, as well as other questions.  #2 There will be an opportunity to tour the PawSox new Hall of Fame at the park.  #3 Our favorite poet will be here to read a few of his poems.  So it will be a packed filled day at McCoy!  For those who might be interested we may have either van or bus service available.  Service would be provided at a reasonable rate depending on the number of passengers.  The bus/van would run along Route 128 with stops in Burlington, Waltham, Dedham and possibly one other stop. This is round trip service. If this is of interest, please contact Chuck Beauregard at 781-640-1041.  We are trying to make this a very enjoyable evening for everyone!  Lastly, the BoSox Club purchased a LIMITED Number  of Tickets.  So ORDER EARLY as we started with 50 Tickets and they are going fast.  We may be able to get some additional tickets, but the PawSox expect this game to sell out. DEADLINE TO ORDER TICKETS IS JULY 15.

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Membership Survey!

We want to hear from you! The BoSox Club would like to thank you for giving us the ability to make this Club stronger. To help us do this, please take a few minutes to tell us your thoughts about the Club. We appreciate your membership and want to make sure that we strive to meet all your expectations.  Please click HERE to take the survey.  Thank you!

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Red Sox Media Guides for 2016!

Media guides are available to members, free of charge.  We ask that you help out with postage and handling by sending $5.00 to: The BoSox Club, P.O. Box 396, Hanson, MA  02341.  The Media Guides are on order and as soon as we get them, we will mail them out.  The deadline to order is July 1, 2016.  One per member, please.  If you have any questions, please call Beth at 781-449-8271.

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In Memorium

It is with great sadness that we announce the passing of former BoSox Club President, Lee Cummings.  Lee was President from 1985 to 1986 and was awarded the Jernegan Award in 1998.  We remember him as a kind gentleman, with a passion for life and his beloved Red Sox.

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BoSox Club Spring Training BBQ 2016!

The BoSox Club held their annual BBQ at Fenway Park South on March 12th. Over 65 members met in the tent to talk about the day's game, during which Travis Shaw hit a long three-run homer. We were entertained by the wonderful Dick Flavin, who recited several of his poems. Gordon Edes, team historian for the Boston Red Sox, was our emcee and introduced several minor league players, including: Kevin McAvoy, Ben Moore, Rafael Devers (Red Sox #3 ranked prospect), Mauricio Dubon, Josh Ockimey, Danny Mars, Andrew Benintendi (Red Sox first round draft pick and #4 prospect) and Pawtucket's hitting coach, Rich Gedman. 

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Join Our Run To Home Base Team!

The 2016 Run to Home Base is a fundraising event to be held on Saturday, July 23, 2016 and will honor our nation's heroic Veterans and help raise much needed funds for Home Base. The BoSox Club has just registered our BoSox RTHB Team - and we are looking for teammates!  See our Team Page here to join our Team or donate:

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Media Guides are available!

Free media guides are available to all 2016 members!  Please send $5.00 for postage to: The BoSox Club, P.O. Box 396, Hanson, MA  02341.  Media guides will be available until July 1, 2016.

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Over 4,800 Autographed Baseballs In One Place!

The Museum of History, in St. Petersburg, Florida has a new exhibit, a very unique collection of over 4,800 autographed baseballs. Schrader's Little Cooperstown, is a world-class baseball exhibit made up of autographed baseballs, documents, story boards and video screens. The exhibit connects America's national pastime with historical events from the region and around the world.

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In Memory of Dave Henderson

Henderson, known as Hendu, dies at 57.  Former outfielder won '89 World Series with A's, hit clutch HR for '86 Red Sox

Dave Henderson, who spent 14 years as a Major League outfielder and was known as Hendu, died Sunday morning due to a heart attack at the age of 57.

Photo of Dave at a Bosox Club luncheon May 28, 2004

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Red Sox to retire Hall of Famer Wade Boggs' No. 26!

Hall of Famer Wade Boggs, who won all five of his career batting titles with the Red Sox, will have his No. 26 retired on the right-field façade at Fenway Park in a pregame ceremony on May 26.  No player came to BoSox Club luncheons more than Wade Boggs!

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Bill Brooks Award for 2015

A very special "Good Guy Award" in honor of our friend, Bill Brooks, was presented to Richard Dick Flavin at the November luncheon for his unflappable dedication to the BoSox Club.  We thank the people Wakefield Community Access Television for this wonderful tribute to Bill Brooks.


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Jernegan Award for 2015

This year's Jernegan Award was presented to BoSox Club Past President Paul Shorthose at the November luncheon.

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Annual Raffle Winners!

Dugout Tix - Janet and Bill Cross of Scarborough, ME.  Hall of Fame Induction Bat - John Barrett of Walpole, MA.  Visit to Radio Booth at a Red Sox Game - David Scrivines of Fairfield, CT.  Brock Holt Autographed Baseball - TBD.  Autographed photo of "The Steal" - Charles Corley of Hudson, MA.  World Championship Rings Photo - Steve Goldman of Warwick, RI.  Dustin Pedroia Autograph Photo - Janet Perry of Lexington, MA.  Autographed Baseballs "Pitchers Pack" - John Barbato of Burlington, MA.  BoSox Club 2016 Membership - Bill Richer of Whitinsville, MA.  BONUS Prize - Therese English of Braintree, MA.

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November 11 - BoSox Club Luncheon Report

The BoSox Club held their final luncheon of 2015 on Wednesday, November 11.  The annual Hot Stove Luncheon honored our military guests from the U.S. Air Force, along with former military members and their families for their service and support.  Our guests were: Sam Kennedy, President of the Boston Red Sox, Amiel Sawdaye, Vice President of Amateur & International Scouting for the Boston Red Sox, Rich Gedman, Red Sox Alumni and Hitting Coach for the Pawtucket Sox, and David O'Brien, ESPN Sportscaster was Emcee.

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Dick Flavin's "Red Sox Rhymes: Verses and Curses."

Our very good friend Dick Flavin recently published his amazing new book, "Red Sox Rhymes: Verses and Curses."  It is available here for purchase.  If you have any questions, please e-mail Paul Boghosian at

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Dom DiMaggio Scholarship

On August 18, the BoSox Club presented its 2015 DiMaggio Scholarship to Tom Hudon. This year's recipient is a pitcher who was described by his coach as "a model of consistency and durability."

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August 18 - BoSox Club Luncheon Report

Our luncheon guests on August 18 were Travis Shaw - Red Sox first baseman, Red Sox Hall of Famer Dwight Evans, Joe Castiglione - the Voice of Red Sox Radio as emcee, and Tom Hamilton - the Voice of Cleveland Indians Radio. 

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Campership 2015!

Each year, the BoSox Club sponsors inner city kids from the Boston area to go to baseball summer camps.  Read some of the essays of the attendees, and see some of the photos ...

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August 24 - BoSox Night at the PawSox!

As part of the BoSox mission of providing family friendly events, we are sponsoring a "BoSox Night" at the Boston Red Sox AAA Affiliate Pawtucket Red Sox on Monday, August 24. Game time is 7:05 pm (enter the park at approximately 5:30 pm) vs. the Scranton/Wilkes-Bar RailRiders (New York Yankees).  Print out this FORM to order tickets.

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July 30 - BoSox Club Family Day!

This year's BoSox Club Family Day was held at Fenway Park on Thursday, July 30 as the Red Sox hosted the Chicago White Sox. 

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July 8 - BoSox Club Luncheon Report

As our President, Steve Hollingsworth said, " it is days like this that I look forward to.  The team is surging and winning, we've got great young talent, we're at Fenway Park, we have my favorite sportscaster in the business Dave O'Brien who's going to be our emcee, we have people here from the Red Sox like Tom Werner, and everything is all right in the world."   Xander Bogaerts, Tim Wakefield, Tom Werner, Dick Flavin, Dave O'Brien, Sam Kennedy ... what a line-up!  The BoSox Club's annual luncheon at Fenway Park, in the beautiful State Street Pavilion took place on July 8th.  This is always one of the highlights of the season.

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June 24 - BoSox Club Luncheon Report

Our luncheon guests on June 24 were Blake Swihart, Red Sox Catcher; Jared Porter, Director of Professional Scouting for the Red Sox; and former Red Sox Pitcher Dennis "Oil Can" Boyd.  Dan Roche, of WBZ, provided lively commentary as our emcee.

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Red Sox Media Guides

For years, the Club has pre-ordered media guides for members. Unfortunately, many have gone unused. This benefit was never meant to be omitted for members, and is still available on request. If you wish to receive a media guide for this year, please e-mail President Steve Hollingsworth directly with your name and address to by July 15, 2015. After that time, we will be unable to obtain additional copies. Media guides will not be available for pick-up at the luncheons. The postage for these, as in the past, will be paid by the Club for this year.

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May 20 - BoSox Club Luncheon Report

Another great luncheon on May 20, with guests including: Sox pitcher Steven Wright, MC Mike Dowling, from the 2013 Red Sox Championship team, John McDonald, and from the Texas Rangers, infielder Adam Rosales, third base coach Tony Beasley and announcer Matt Hicks.  Dick Flavin closed with his usual flare! 

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April 28 - BoSox Club Luncheon Report

Red Sox Pitcher Joe Kelly and Toronto Blue Jays Outfielder Kevin Pillar Highlight April BoSox Club Luncheon!

The first BoSox Club luncheon of the 2015 season continued the tradition of "don't miss" Club events.  Guests included Sox pitcher Joe Kelly, Toronto Blue Jays outfielder Kevin Pillar, Toronto broadcaster Joe Siddall, Dick Flavin's poetry,  and NECN's Tom Caron and Steve Lyons.

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Volunteer Opportunity for 2015 Luncheons

The Board of Directors value your membership in the Club and have identified an opportunity for you to be actively involved when you attend our luncheons.

We are looking for volunteers to assist at the BoSox Club merchandise table.  You are asked to arrive at 11:15 am and assist until 12:00 pm, and for about 15 minutes after the luncheon program ends.  It will immensely help the Club, and will also give you an opportunity to meet other members.  Dates of the 2015 luncheons are:  4/28, 5/20, 6/24, 8/18, 9/22 and 11/11.  Let us know as soon as possible if you are able to help out at any one or more of the dates noted above.  Please contact board member Paul Marotta directly at

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BoSox Club 2015 Spring Training Report

BoSox Club members enjoyed a fantastic Spring Training weekend at beautiful JetBlue Park in Fort Myers, FL.  Our Minor League Barbeque was held on March 16, followed by our Picnic In the Park on March 17.

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Spring Training 2017 Wrap-Up!

Hello from Fort Myers!

As we near the end of Red Sox Spring Training 2017, we'd like to share a few memories. Over 90 BoSox Club members are attending Spring Training 2017! The weather is beautiful and the talent is abundant. It is great to see familiar faces, see new ones, eat a hot dog or two, and watch baseball! The BoSox Club held their annual BBQ at Fenway Park South on March 19th. Over 65 members met in the tent to talk about the day's game. Gordon Edes, team historian for the Boston Red Sox, was our emcee and introduced several minor league players, including: Jamie Callahan, Trey Ball, Bobby Dalbec, Jason Groome, CJ Chatham, and Pawtucket's hitting coach, Rich Gedman.

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In memory of Dick Bresciani

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November 11 BoSox Club Luncheon Report

BoSox Club Holds 2014 Hot Stove Luncheon

The BoSox Club held their final luncheon of the year on Veterans Day, November 11th.  Our very good friend, Dan Roche of WBZ-TV was awarded the 2014 Jernegan Award for his dedication and tireless efforts on behalf of the BoSox Club.  We recognized our military guests and members on Veterans Day for their service and sacrifice.  And a very special "Good Guy Award" in honor of our friend, Bill Brooks, was presented to Dick Bresciani, Red Sox Vice President / Emeritus and Team Historian. 

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New Merchandise!

2015 BoSox Club wall calendars are here!

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September 24 BoSox Club Luncheon Report

BoSox Club Holds 2014 Awards Luncheon

BoSox Club Annual Awards Luncheon today featured rookie fan favorite, Mookie Betts, a poem from our own Dick Flavin about the career of Derek Jeter, the award winning amateur teams and BoSox Club Man of the Year:  Sox assistant hitting coach Victor Rodriguez.  

Mark your calendars now for our Hot Stove Luncheon on November 11th.

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August 15 BoSox Club Luncheon Report

BoSox Club Fenway Park Luncheon w/ Dick Flavin, Dan Butler, Bo Porter, Steve Sparks, Tom Tippett, Ian Brown and Emcee Dr. Charles Steinberg

Hope to see everyone at Hilton in Dedham for our next luncheon on September 24!

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BoSox Club Family Day at Fenway Park!

On July 29th, hundreds of excited and loyal Red Sox fans, family and friends gathered - as guests of the Red Sox and the BoSox Club -  at the ballpark for the annual Family  Day festivities.  The weather was perfect as "youngsters" gathered in the sunshine behind the Red Sox dugout for the annual Meet and Greet Q & A session with Burke Badenhop, Craig Breslow, and Jackie Bradley, Jr.

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July 8 BoSox Club Luncheon Report

BoSox Club Fenway Park Luncheon w/ Tim Wakefield, Jonny Gomes plus the Blohards!

The annual BoSox Club Luncheon at Fenway Park is always memorable and this year this year was definitely no exception.  Pres. Paul Shorthose kicked off the proceedings for a packed house in the State Street Pavilion, acting as Emcee for the day.  We were joined by Sox legend and now NESN host, Tim Wakefield and Red Sox Outfielder, Jonny Gomes. The program continued with the BLOHARDS, Red Sox fans from NYC - singer and jokester John Pizzarelli and his collaborator, Joe Cosgriff. 

Hope to see everyone at Hilton in Dedham for our next luncheon on August 15!

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June 17 BoSox Club Luncheon Report

Brock Holt and Jack Morris Highlight June BoSox Club Luncheon!

The June BoSox Club luncheon continued the tradition of "don't miss" Club events.

Guests included Sox high impact rookie sensation, Brock Holt, Legendary Pitcher and 1991 World Series MVP, Jack Morris, Dick Flavin's poetry, Twins broadcaster Dick Bremer, honoring longtime Sox photographer, Jack Maley, WEEI's Rob Bradford, and WCVB's Mike Dowling, who did an outstanding job as emcee.

Hope you were there, and will be with us at Fenway Park on July 8th which promises to be another memorable luncheon.  It's almost a sellout; so go online to or call Audrey at 781-449-8271 to request your tickets for luncheon and ballpark tour.

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May 21 BoSox Club Luncheon Report

One of the Best Ever BoSox Club Luncheons!

Another great luncheon on May 21, with guests including: Jackie Bradley, Jr., Steve Lyons and from the Blue Jays, broadcaster Buck Martinez, Batting Coach Kevin Seitzer and Catcher Josh Thole.  Dick Flavin opened up with his usual flare! 

Next luncheon is on June 17 at Boston/Dedham Hilton.  Get your tickets now using your coupon, on-line at using Paypal.  FYI: You don't need to have a Paypal account to use this link to get tickets.  Just a major credit card.  If you would to get discounted kids tickets to this event please call Audrey at 781-449-8271.

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April 8 BoSox Club Luncheon Report

Today marked the inaugural Bosox Club Luncheon of 2014 and our first in the new "BoSox Luncheon home", the Boston/Dedham Hilton.

A packed ballroom was greeted by President Paul Shorthose, who noted the contributions of two long-time BoSox Club Board members who recently passed away. Bill Brooks (also a Past President) and Allen McCarter were remembered. He then introduced the military guests, three locally stationed Marines.

The top table included a contingent from the Texas Rangers. Coach, Bobby Jones, former player, GM and now broadcaster, Tom Grieve and second baseman, Donnie Murphy.

Globe writer Nick Cafardo, Sox SVP David Friedman, Sox HOF'er Luis Tiant and new Sox pitcher Chris Capuano made up the impressive guest list. Our emcee was the energetic and funny Dan Roche of WBZ TV. The amazing Dick Flavin wrapped things up with a great poem about Opening Day! See full report by Dave Cook.

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